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Are You Being Pinteresting?


It used to be that you needed to be invited to Pinterest in order to setup an account. Now you just visit their main site and create your account by logging in with your Facebook account.  Then you simply follow the instructions to set up your account.

Once this basic step is completed, it is now time to start with the fun things like creating your boards and pinning images to them. Keep in mind that Pinterest is a social site, so be social! Even if your intention is to advertise your small business, start off by getting your name out there and being active with other members.

The best way to do this is by repinning images you like to one of your boards. You can have lots of boards, so we would suggest that you make a few favourite or fun boards. Don’t forget people love humour, so if you have this type of streak in your personality, let it shine through.

Here are a few examples of boards you could create:

  • My Daily Laugh Board
  • Favourite Breakfast Dishes
  • Best Books I Have Read
  • My Leisure Activities
  • My Wish List
  • My Dream Vacations

Each board will become a mini photo album of all your favourite things and is a good way to display your personality along with your small business. There is no harm in pinning pictures of your business. You can show your home office with images of your desk, computer, office chair, plants etc. At first you want to refrain from blatant self-promotion. As with any social site, this is considered a big NO, NO!

When you visit the home page of Pinterest, you can see everything that is currently being pinned. Browse through them and start clicking the like button. If you see something that really catches your attention repin it to your own board.

At the same time make note of who is pinning what and look for people who are in the same type of small business as you. You can follow these people and see exactly how they are using Pinterest in their business. This can give you great ideas of just how to use Pinterest to your advantage in small business.

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