Not Offering A Mobile App? Here’s What Your Small Business Is Missing!

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Are You Using Mobile Apps for your Small Business?


Mobile apps, shmobile apps. If you’re the type of small business owner who says this (or something like it), you probably think you don’t need to worry about marketing to mobiles. Your other marketing efforts are working fine and you don’t even own a smartphone, so why bother? But did you know that right now mobile apps are all the rage? They offer a great marketing tool to any small business at minimal cost. If you’re not on board yet, here’s some of what you’re missing.

Increase Small Business Sales by Using Mobile Apps

How can a Mobile App Can Help Your Bottom Line? If your still not sure about mobile apps? Here’s a statistic that might interest you. In July 2012, the IBM Retail Online index reported that retailers experienced a 15% growth in sales due solely to mobiles. By focusing their efforts on mobile shoppers, whose numbers are increasing exponentially, offline businesses are raising their bottom line. And this number is only expected to keep rising.

Why Mobile Apps and Social Media Are A Perfect Match

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Are you using this perfect match to increase your buzz about your small business?


The Web is getting increasingly social. Experts even predict that someday you may search for all of your information through social media sites instead of search engines. People love Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Groupon, YouTube… the list goes on. These are some of the most visited sites on the Internet.

Studies show that people on mobiles are especially prone to socializing. They spend way more time on social media sites than PC surfers do. Mobile apps and social media are a perfect match. If your business can take advantage of this pairing, you can really increase your bottom line.

Why Do Small Businesses Need A Mobile App?

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What are mobile apps and why does your small business need them?


Mobile marketing is different from internet marketing in one crucial way – it’s all about engagement. People don’t just use their mobiles to read and digest content. They use them to do things. Your mobile marketing campaign needs to be as interactive as possible so that your customers are fully engaged, and the way to do this is through apps. An app is an interactive software program. It offers the user something to do. Examples include:

  • A game or activity.
  • An interactive map.
  • Up-to-date weather information.
  • An ordering system for your goods/services you offer.

It can be anything that your customers can interact with that’s also related to your brand.

Why Small Business Owners Must Be Ready For Mobile Responsive Design in 2014!

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Size really DOES matter when it comes to Mobile Marketing. Does your site respond to the platform it’s being opened on?


Anna Bager, the VP and GM of the Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), says responsive design will be more important than ever in 2014, particularly for brands and advertisers looking to generate more sales and brand loyalty through the mobile channel.

What’s driving the trend of responsive design and why is it so important?

How to Totally Blow Your Mobile Marketing Campaign!

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Will you have a booming mobile marketing campaign OR will the whole thing die a quick flaming death!


You’ve hired your bulk messaging provider and you’re ready to get started with mobile marketing. Congratulations! Now you’re on your way to a boom in business with more customers than you ever thought possible. OR, you’re just wasting your time and money, and the whole thing will die a quick death.  Which is it for you? Mobile marketing is easy and effective, but only if you do it right. Here are eight top trends that lots of businesses end up doing, only to destroy their mobile marketing campaigns completely.

Eight Fatal Mobile Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Should Know

Eight Fatal Mobile Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Should Know


Mobile marketing can turn your brand into a household name and boost your profits through the roof – but only if you’re doing it right. Luckily, tons of businesses have come along and made every single mistake in the book so that we can learn from them. Here are the eight biggest to avoid.

1.   Directing Mobiles to Your PC Site

In order to do any kind of mobile marketing, you need a mobile version of your site. Mobile users pretty much pull their hair out in frustration trying to navigate a PC website. When they hit your PC site, which is so busy-looking on a small mobile screen that they can’t make heads or tails of it, they’ll click the back button fast. No matter how nice an offer you’re making, they won’t stick around. You’ve got to have a mobile site.

2.   Killing Them with Text

There’s a major change in strategy marketers have to embrace when they go to mobile. You’ve got to give up on all the text. Your website should use it sparingly and you should avoid using articles for marketing purposes. There’s nothing like a website crammed with text to make a mobile user’s eyeballs spin in their sockets.

3.   Forms to Fill out

Have you ever tried to enter a lot of text on a smartphone? It’s not a pleasant experience. If you’ve got a sign up form that makes them input a whole slew of information, they’re going to give up halfway through. Typing is hard work on most mobile devices. Instead, make use of the touch screen and let them select from a menu.

4.   QR Code Confusion

Yes, most of the world knows what QR codes are and what they do, but not everybody. If you slap that code on your ad with no indication of what it is, lots of people won’t know. Even the ones who do know need a little nudge. Tell them to scan here with their phone. You should also tell them why they should do it. Some will scan out of curiosity, but more will if they understand there are juicy coupons waiting there for them.

5.   The Wrong Content

You can give your mobile users downloads, videos to watch, apps and any other kind of content, but make sure it’ll all work on their devices first. There is quite a bit media that doesn’t. The last thing you want to do is make them a great offer and get them to click only to discover the video won’t play. Test all of your content on a wide range of devices beforehand.

6.   Too Heavy on the Sales

More people today shop on their mobiles than ever before, but it’s still nothing compared to online shopping. If your mobile marketing pushes the hard sale too hard, you’ll lose people. Use your mobile strategy instead to build brand awareness, offer them useful apps, and get them to your store rather than just selling.

7.   Apps That Make Them Say ‘So What?’

It’s easy to develop an app, but what’s tough is making something of value that your target market can actually use. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer and think, ‘What would wow me and make my life ten times easier?’ Answer that question and you’ve got an app that will get results.

8.   Not Going Mobile Because Everybody’s Doing It

Actually this is a good reason to go mobile. Because everybody is doing it including current and prospective customers. However, don’t start a mobile marketing campaign without a solid plan. Decide exactly what you want to achieve with your campaign. Make it clear and measurable, and then you’ll know exactly what you need to do in order to get there.

Mobile Marketing can be a complex process, but it is also vital to your small business success.  To make the most of your mobile marketing campaigns, you may want to enlist the help of qualified and competent professionals like us, Two Blind Marketers & Associates.  We can be reached by phone at 602-487-8733 or by email: