Facebook for your Small Business (Part 1)

Human hands make thumbs up and down

Human hands make thumbs up and down


You can engage in many ways on other Fan Pages (like, comment and share). And every time you engage somewhere, it will leave a link back to your own page. Simple commenting and liking a page should not be underestimated because it is a good strategy for growing blog traffic. The same now applies to Facebook. More and more businesses are actively engaging customers through Facebook. But there are still many business owners and marketers who don’t quite know where to start. So what should you do to market more effectively on Facebook?

Here are some ways:

Post Company Pictures –

Take pictures of your company’s office events, birthday celebrations, and different situations in the office to help your customers feel more at ease with your company. Your prospects would like to know who they are doing business with, and their willing to engage if they are engaged with you on social media.

Add contests and voting applications to your page –

Give your customers a voice by creating a poll and let your users vote on the next menu item addition. Also, try to post interesting questions and encourage responses. People are more likely to talk about themselves and their businesses. Note: As of 2013, the polling feature is only available in Facebook Groups.

Use a third-party platform to distribute social content –

You can use a tool like Symphony Tools to push content on your Facebook Page. Symphony Tools is easy to use and allows you to publish and distribute anywhere. You can even que and customize your message with the post. Plus, you can even post as a picture if you want. Logging in from one social media network, copy and pasting content and logging out, then doing it all over on another platform can be time consuming.

Give people a reason to become fans –

Encourage your visitors to like your fan page in order to receive coupons, a free trial or specialized information. Giving real value for becoming a fan can increase fan conversion rates.

Setting up a QR Code for your Page –

Setting up a QR code is a quick, simple and effective strategy for small to large businesses. They can be leveraged on billboards, brochures, menus and other forms of marketing materials.  One of the most powerful QR code platforms is Esponce. It offers a free tier that’s typically geared to small businesses. Two Blind Marketers & Associates has its own proprietary QR code platform.

Many business owners utilize Fan Page Friday and allow you to share your own page on their wall. Most require that you look at other Fan Pages that have been posted and either click ‘Like’ or leave a comment. It’s rude to only share your Page and not engage with other people. This is something you may want to consider offering on your own page.

Social Media Marketing is multifaceted and confusing, but it is also tantamount to your small business success.  To make the most of your social media marketing, you may want to enlist the help of qualified and competent professionals like us, Two Blind Marketers & Associates.  We can be reached by phone at 602-487-8733 or by email at twoblindmarketers@gmail.com.



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Adam started out his career in the restaurant industry working for several local restaurants and restaurant franchises. He eventually became a self-taught Chef and a business owner of his own catering company in 1994. It was at this time he started learning about marketing. Several years later, the internet marketing industry exploded and he started learning about online marketing with the help of Michael. Then in 2009, he joined the Two Blind Marketers team as a content editor and WordPress specialist. In 2012, he decided to try his hand at doing work on his own and left the company; it was during this period that he became a Social Media expert. Suddenly in 2014, the CEO of Two Blind asked Adam back as the Executive Creative Director. Adam is now back with the team and helping clients with reputation marketing campaigns, mobile marketing campaigns, and social media marketing campaigns.

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