Facebook for your Small Business (Part 2)

Businessman engages customers

Businessman engages customers


In part 1 of this article we discussed some ways that small businesses can engage their customers on their Fan Pages. We wish to reiterate that every time you engage somewhere, it will leave a link back to your own page. So, simple commenting and liking a page should not be underestimated as a good strategy for growing blog traffic. There are still many business owners and marketers who don’t quite know where to start. So what should you do to market more effectively on Facebook?

Here are some more ways to engage your fans:

Mentioning your fans by name in the comments on your Facebook posts –

Addressing your fans by name gives a personal feeling, which is what social media is all about —   connecting with your fans one on one. Pay attention to whatever fans tell you on your page or send a thank you message right after someone clicks like or sends you a review on your page.

Set realistic goals for your approach to social media –

You shouldn’t expect to get thousands of fans with your first month. Just think more along the lines of a two or three digit number and you won’t be disappointed.

Find out when and what to post on Facebook –

Determine what the popular keywords are that drive engagement. How often should you update your page? What is the most effective day of the week to post content? Try to update your page on a regular basis with helpful information and answers to questions. Your Facebook Insights has been improved greatly since 2012. So, it can tell you a lot about when and what to post according to your Fan base. You can also use a third party service called Edgerank Checker to find out the same thing.

Encourage check-ins on your Page –

Any place your business operates counts as a place on Facebook. Getting traction from check-ins on Facebook is a useful way to grow organic impressions of your brand. So you should check in to your place of work every day you are there, even if you are operating out of a home office. This will help put your company’s name into people’s news feeds every time you punch in.

Get creative to make your Facebook readers happy –

Make your profile work for your page by posting cool status updates that will encourage your friends to engage with your business page. Remember to also invite your profile friends over to your business page, a lot of businesses forget this one important step. Increase your news feed optimization by giving your fans specific times to cross-promote, network and create more visibility for their own pages.

In Part 1 we said, “Many business owners utilize Fan Page Friday and allow you to share your own page on their wall.” Another way to engage other small businesses that compliment yours is to “Like” their page as your page. This will add them to the “Liked by this Page” section of your Fan page. This is something you may want to ponder doing on your own page.

Social Media Marketing is multifaceted and puzzling, but it is also vital to your small business success.  To make the most of your social media marketing, enlist the help of qualified and competent professionals like us, Two Blind Marketers & Associates.  We can be reached by phone at 602-487-8733 or by email at twoblindmarketers@gmail.com.


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