Michael K. Blaes - Owner/President of Two Blind Marketers & Associates - He's a big gorgeous man.

Michael Blaes


Teresa Blaes - Owner/Vice-President of Marketing

Teresa Blaes

V.P. of Marketing

Despite the challenges of being legally blind since the age of 10, Michael has had the entrepreneurial spirit his whole life. He started his internet marketing career in 1997 selling collectible books on eBay. After that, he ran a successful computer consulting business for over 10 years. In January 2008, after the birth of his special needs child, he realized that he would no longer be able to do computer repair work in the field. While attending an online marketing workshop, he discovered that he had the passion to help small business owners with their marketing. Michael decided, with the support of his wife, to found Two Blind Marketers in June 2009. If you would like to follow Michael, click the links below.
Even with the serious challenges of being legally blind since birth, Teresa has always had a passion for creative writing. She was first introduced to internet marketing by her then boyfriend, Michael. Her first real test, was writing the copy for an eBay advertisement. In January of 2006, Teresa was married to Michael in Alamogordo, New Mexico. A year and a half later, she became a mother to her special needs daughter, Mandy. After attending a workshop with Michael in 2009, Teresa discovered a fascination with the science of marketing. She has since taken numerous marketing courses. Together with her husband, Michael, she founded Two Blind Marketers & Associates. If you would like to follow Teresa, click the links below.
Adam R. Garcia - Executive Creative Director & Director of Operations Southwest

Adam R. Garcia

Executive Creative Director &

Director of Southwest Operations



Website Designer

Website Developer

Adam started out his career in the restaurant industry working for several local restaurants and restaurant franchises. He eventually became a self-taught Chef and a business owner of his own catering company in 1994. It was at this time he started learning about marketing. Several years later, the internet marketing industry exploded and he started learning about online marketing with the help of Michael. Then in 2009, he joined the Two Blind Marketers team as a content editor and WordPress specialist. In 2012, he decided to try his hand at doing work on his own and left the company; it was during this period that he became a Social Media expert. Suddenly in 2014, the CEO of Two Blind asked Adam back as the Executive Creative Director. Adam is now back with the team and helping clients with website design, reputation marketing campaigns, mobile marketing campaigns, video marketing, and (of course) social media marketing campaigns. Adam also does volunteer work for several different non-profit organizations, such as animal rescues, diabetes research charities, leadership & entrepreneurial training. He teaches online marketing classes at the Dona Ana Community College and volunteers his teaching skills with Nepris. If you would like to follow Adam, click the links below.

Peterfrog is our Website Wizard & Guru. Anything we ask him to do, he can do. “Peter,” can you make the video page mobile only and make it show up first for the mobile site?” Peterfrog: “No Prob!”

Although he works for several different subcontracting services, we have been trying our best to get him on with us FULL TIME! Anyone who hires him gets great customer service and he usually finishes early, but always on time.

When we first were considered hiring him as a subcontractor for a project he stated, “Is your website not having a WOW look? Are you losing your Mobile visitors due to non Mobile Optimized website? I am a Website Designer for more than 4 years and i do Build Engaging, Purposeful, creative & Mobile Optimized Websites for Businesses. Get Your Website TODAY!”