Not Offering A Mobile App? Here’s What Your Small Business Is Missing!

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Are You Using Mobile Apps for your Small Business?


Mobile apps, shmobile apps. If you’re the type of small business owner who says this (or something like it), you probably think you don’t need to worry about marketing to mobiles. Your other marketing efforts are working fine and you don’t even own a smartphone, so why bother? But did you know that right now mobile apps are all the rage? They offer a great marketing tool to any small business at minimal cost. If you’re not on board yet, here’s some of what you’re missing.

1.   Constant Contact with Your Customers

Mobile apps keep you on your customers’ radar. Actually, that’s an understatement. They keep you in their face – but in a good way. Your app has a little icon along with Facebook, YouTube and all the other sites they enjoy daily. When they’re constantly in touch with you and they need your services, naturally you’re the one they go to.

2.   Priceless Engagement with Your Customers

Companies dream of ways to engage as personally as possible with their customers, and this is a golden opportunity. You get more touch-points with them and you can build a valuable long-term relationship.

3.   Relationship Building through a Valuable Freebie

Lots of small businesses develop an app and give it away completely for free. It’s a wonderful incentive for gaining new prospects that you can then market to. A freebie like this, that makes like easier or more entertaining for them, helps you establish trust and build a long-term relationship.

4.   A Boost for Your Branding

Mobile apps don’t make you quick sales, but they DO, do something even more important – they build your brand. Through your helpful, high-quality apps, you get a reputation as a company that’s worth its customers’ love.

5.   A Little Effort for Lots of Profits

Studies consistently show that companies which invest in mobile apps increase their bottom line. Again, this isn’t through direct selling, but through the aforementioned exposure, brand-building and the connection they make through their apps. Your app helps your customer buy from you.

6.   A More Efficient Small Business

Mobile apps can be used to make your internal business operations smoother. You can create apps for your employees so that they can access important information quickly. Automating the ordering process for your customers frees up your sales staff.

7.   They’re Only Getting Hotter

People use mobile apps more today than ever before and their use is only increasing. Having services and information right at your fingertips is quickly becoming the norm. In the future, people may stop using PC’s completely.

8.   Getting Started

The hurdle that keeps lots of small businesses from leaping right into mobile app development is that they don’t know how to make one. It all starts with a good idea – anything that will help your customers out and give them value. Once you’ve got a solid idea of how it will work for them, you can hire a developer to handle the technical part for you.

It’s much easier than most small businesses realize to make mobile apps work for you, and it provides a serious boost to your business. If you’re still on the fence, jump off and get started.



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Despite the challenges of being legally blind since the age of 10, Michael has had the entrepreneurial spirit his whole life. He started his internet marketing career in 1997 selling collectible books on eBay. After that, he ran a successful computer consulting business for over 10 years. In January 2008, after the birth of his special needs child, he realized that he would no longer be able to do computer repair work in the field. While attending an online marketing workshop, he discovered that he had the passion to help small business owners with their marketing. He and his wife specialize in Website Design & Accessability, as well as Reputation Marketing. Michael decided, with the support of his wife, to found Two Blind Marketers in June 2009.

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