Increase Small Business Sales by Using Mobile Apps

How can a Mobile App Can Help Your Bottom Line? If your still not sure about mobile apps? Here’s a statistic that might interest you. In July 2012, the IBM Retail Online index reported that retailers experienced a 15% growth in sales due solely to mobiles. By focusing their efforts on mobile shoppers, whose numbers are increasing exponentially, offline businesses are raising their bottom line. And this number is only expected to keep rising.

Why Mobile Apps and Social Media Are A Perfect Match

white smartphone with social media bubbles (like, tweet, friend, share, photo) isolated white background

Are you using this perfect match to increase your buzz about your small business?


The Web is getting increasingly social. Experts even predict that someday you may search for all of your information through social media sites instead of search engines. People love Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Groupon, YouTube… the list goes on. These are some of the most visited sites on the Internet.

Studies show that people on mobiles are especially prone to socializing. They spend way more time on social media sites than PC surfers do. Mobile apps and social media are a perfect match. If your business can take advantage of this pairing, you can really increase your bottom line.

Why Do Small Businesses Need A Mobile App?

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What are mobile apps and why does your small business need them?


Mobile marketing is different from internet marketing in one crucial way – it’s all about engagement. People don’t just use their mobiles to read and digest content. They use them to do things. Your mobile marketing campaign needs to be as interactive as possible so that your customers are fully engaged, and the way to do this is through apps. An app is an interactive software program. It offers the user something to do. Examples include:

  • A game or activity.
  • An interactive map.
  • Up-to-date weather information.
  • An ordering system for your goods/services you offer.

It can be anything that your customers can interact with that’s also related to your brand.

How to Totally Blow Your Mobile Marketing Campaign!

Timer bomb with phone

Will you have a booming mobile marketing campaign OR will the whole thing die a quick flaming death!


You’ve hired your bulk messaging provider and you’re ready to get started with mobile marketing. Congratulations! Now you’re on your way to a boom in business with more customers than you ever thought possible. OR, you’re just wasting your time and money, and the whole thing will die a quick death.  Which is it for you? Mobile marketing is easy and effective, but only if you do it right. Here are eight top trends that lots of businesses end up doing, only to destroy their mobile marketing campaigns completely.