How to Get Customers to Write Reviews for Your Businesses Local Reputation Marketing

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The world of Internet marketing is complex and varied.  It used to be that having a business website was enough to attract the attention of new

customers.  However, these days your local reputation marketing approach must be as multifaceted as the web, itself.  One new(ish) frontier that is revolutionizing the way customers find and evaluate businesses is that of online business reviews.  There are a number of popular sites that exist as forums for posting these reviews – including Yelp, Google Places, Urban Spoon, Bing, Facebook, and many more – and your business should be using these sites to its advantage.  In addition to registering your business with these sites, you also need to be encouraging people to post their reviews.  How do you do that?  Here are three ways you can get your customers to write reviews for your businesses local reputation marketing campaign: