Small Businesses Need Pinterest

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Small Businesses Need Pinterest


An offline business can benefit from Pinterest as well. This is a particularly great way to introduce the concept of marketing on line to a small business owner. Why not show them a free way they can get added exposure for their business.

If your business model includes catering to offline clients, you can try the following out on Pinterest.

Begin Being Pinteresting


Are You Being Pinteresting?


It used to be that you needed to be invited to Pinterest in order to setup an account. Now you just visit their main site and create your account by logging in with your Facebook account.  Then you simply follow the instructions to set up your account.

Once this basic step is completed, it is now time to start with the fun things like creating your boards and pinning images to them. Keep in mind that Pinterest is a social site, so be social! Even if your intention is to advertise your small business, start off by getting your name out there and being active with other members.