Website AccessibilityIn2001, there was an estimated 54 million Americans with disabilities (Source: Cornell University). There are 285 million people who are blind or have vision impairments. In America alone, there are 6.6 million blind or visually impaired users on desktop and mobile devices (Source: World Health Organization). As web applications have grown rich and creative, they have become less accessible to these users. Our Web Accessibilityteam believes they are making the Internet a better place, one website at a time.

Our Mission

Two Blind Marketers & Associates are passionate about educating small businesses and making the Internet and its resources available to every person of every ability level. We follow the guidelines set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. We specialize in analyzing and consulting with small business owners to make their sites accessible. And we give their site our personal seal of approval.

How Do We Do It

We utilize a dual strategy to test and evaluate websites. First, we use a series of tools that efficiently identify accessibility issues. This process is followed by an intense manual examination to locate accessibility concerns that are more complex in nature, oftentimes going right into the code itself. We report our findings in a secure, easily navigated video-based report. Each accessibility issue is addressed in an easy to understand format, highlighting specific details, how it impacts users of the website, and our recommended remedy. Links to resources specific to each issue are provided for reference and education.

Our testing and evaluations include the use of screen readers such as JAWS and WindowEyes, screen magnifiers like ZoomText, and a variety of color contrast analyzers. Our staff consists of sighted, blind, and low vision accessibility and usability testers. We feel this provides the best and most accurate accessibility evaluation and immediate remedy wanted.

We Set the Standard

Our expertise with W3C enables us to examine websites of high complexity that make use of newer hybrid web technologies. Our Web Evaluation Experts have a thorough knowledge of all standards and can show you how to apply them to your website. Whether your website is an online store or is content-rich, our services will help you attract and more importantly retain customers from a customer base that you never knew existed.

Two Blind Marketers & Associates can help your small business achieve your business goals by helping you uncover the blind spots in your website. Contact us to get your FREE website accessibility report today!