Why Small Business Owners Must Be Ready For Mobile Responsive Design in 2014!

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Size really DOES matter when it comes to Mobile Marketing. Does your site respond to the platform it’s being opened on?


Anna Bager, the VP and GM of the Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), says responsive design will be more important than ever in 2014, particularly for brands and advertisers looking to generate more sales and brand loyalty through the mobile channel.

What’s driving the trend of responsive design and why is it so important?

“We are seeing the ‘born digital’ generation really come into focus,” Bager said in a recent interview. “That is, businesses and brands now have to be mindful of their consumers who grew up with rapidly evolving technology and expect their experiences to be seamless and intuitive across screens, devices and platforms.”

Publishers and advertisers will be well served to have an omni-channel strategy from inception that accounts for flexible and customized execution across screens. I think the results will be an ability to better tailor and monetize the mobile consumer experience as well as some consolidation of niche players that only cater to one environment.

When asked about whether responsive or adaptive design could be detrimental to search engine results rankings, Bager tells MarketingLand.com that she isn’t concerned in the least.

“On the contrary,” she says, “I think responsive design will improve search engine results — especially on mobile. Google has already stated their intention to serve optimized content and sites higher in their smartphone and tablet search rankings. Additionally having a well-thought-out, responsive site will make it easier for engines to discover your site’s content and deem it as a relevant result.”

So What Should You Do?

Ensure your site is Mobile Friendly. To get the best results from your small business’s mobile marketing plan, ensure that your website shows up properly on all platforms. Don’t take your designer’s word for it. Check it on your own mobile phone, or have a friend check it for you.  And make sure you check it on iPads, Windows and Android tablets as well. You should be able to access all the content on different platforms. If not have it redesigned.

Mobile Marketing can be a complicated process, but it is also tantamount to your small business success.  To make the most of your mobile marketing campaign, you may want to enlist the help of qualified and competent professionals like us, Two Blind Marketers & Associates.  We can be reached by phone at 602-487-8733 or by email: michael@twoblindmarketers.com.


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Despite the challenges of being legally blind since the age of 10, Michael has had the entrepreneurial spirit his whole life. He started his internet marketing career in 1997 selling collectible books on eBay. After that, he ran a successful computer consulting business for over 10 years. In January 2008, after the birth of his special needs child, he realized that he would no longer be able to do computer repair work in the field. While attending an online marketing workshop, he discovered that he had the passion to help small business owners with their marketing. He and his wife specialize in Website Design & Accessability, as well as Reputation Marketing. Michael decided, with the support of his wife, to found Two Blind Marketers in June 2009.

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